Do sign up for Michèle’s Shiatsu treatment after a hard day – amazing, energising and relaxing. Martin, Poland

My highlight has most definitely been the hour long shiatsu massage you gave me. Marcelle, Australia

Why not try a session of Shiatsu with Michèle – my wife found it most therapeutic, great value, very relaxing and much appreciated. Michael, England

Un merci tout particulier pour le moment de relaxation qui m’a fait le plus grand bien… sensation d’être sur un nuage! Virginie, France

Both of us had a shiatsu treatment from Michèle wichi I would highly recommend as it added to our averall sense of wellbeing. Padraic, Ireland

J’ai beaucoup aprécié la séance de Shiatsu, que je ne connaissais pas, et qui m’a été bénéfique. Gérard, France

L’attrazione addizionale ha risultato lo shiatsu in cui Michèle è la vera maestra. Alexsandra, Polonia

Nous avons pu aussi nous détendre grace au Shiatsu (à recommander!). Josette, Suisse

Very relaxing – we enjoyed company of family and friends and the Shiatsu massage was amazing and I would recommend it to everybody – a fantastic feeling of wellbeing. Gwen, England

I would also recommend to book a shiatsu massage if you look for complete relaxation. It was really helpful. Cristina

Michèle also offers Shiatsu massage and is an expert and soothed my body from all the travelling. Philip, Australia

The Shiatsu was Perfect. Jannet, Holland