Organic Green Thinking

Our B&B is part of an old barn that we have recently restored by using natural materials and sustainable tecniques. However, our green thinking is much more than the application of eco tecniques, it is a strong commitment to nature and its safeguarding. Our intention is a loving, respectful approach to nature and our aim is to live in synergy with nature and its rhythms.

Organic green thinking B&B il Cielo Bio Greve in Chianti

Please find here some more detailled information on what we do so far in terms of green practises:

Energy saving

– brandnew pellet heating stove that heats the entire house
– energy saving lamps
– energy saving domestic appliances A+

Respect for the environment

– water saving devices in bathroom and kitchen (faucet flow reducers)
– differentiated waste collection
– drinking water in glass bottles taken from the water fountain
– biodegradable detergents
– refillable soap dispensers, soap and shampoo with organic ingredients
– sinergetyc garden and organic orchard
– no use of chemicals or pesticides
– habit of recycling and re-use
– composting of food waste and biodegradable products (e.g. packaging)


– our breakfast is made of organic ingredients and transfair products
– Local products: our marmellades are homemade with the fruits of our organic orchards: from the tree right into the pot, we add just some organic cane sugar!
– homemade yogurt
– whenever we have the time we bake our own bread made of antique, organic cereals

Your room

– walls built with natural construction materials
– lime plaster and paints with natural pigments
– terracotta tile floor and wooden beams treated with natural oils and essences
– slatted bed made of natural, not chemically treated wood, non-allergenic, orthopaedic mattress with eco-certificate
– linen for bed and bathroom washed with biodegrable, non-allergenic detergents; cobalt chrome and nickel-free
– Wi-Fi can be switched off on request

Eco networks and certificates

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