The Progetto Vietnam


“Make someone happy, then you’ll be happy too.” Thich Nhat Hanh


It is several years now that we have been supporting the “Progetto Vietnam”, launched by the association Essere Pace. We allocate a part of every overnight rate of our B&B to support the association’s local activities in order to improve the difficult situation and life conditions of the people of Vietnam.

Whilst Vietnam continues to develop, it is still a very poor country. There is still much to be done, particularly in remote and rural areas of the country, which suffer from the consequences of war and which are still in a very difficult situation due to starvation, poverty and natural disasters.


Our donations support the following initiatives:

  • Construction and restoration of nurseries and improvement of the necessary equipment
  • Supply of hot meals to the children that attend the nurseries
  • Give access to school education to the children that have not attended a nursery (which normally is impossible)
  • Economic support for teachers and educators of nurseries and pre-schools in order to avoid that they move away from the rural areas to bigger cities in search of a better salary
  • Support students and interns that come from poor families with scholarships to guarantee an adequate education and training for them
  • Financial help for poor families, handicapped people and elderly people that do not receive an adequate care from the state
  • Financial support of infrastructural projects in the villages to build wells and bridges to implement the local mobility.


With a little support, you can help a lot:
4€ to offer a daily meal to one child at the nursery for one month
6€ for the monthly minimum care for an elderly person
8€ for helping a student to attend courses for one month
30€ to guarantee the training programme of a teacher or an educator